The Wilds Within 
An Original Comic Series

"The Wilds Within" webcomic/graphic novel project that I have been developing since my early teen years. Inspired by my love for werewolves and family history, The Wilds Within series follows several characters and their journeys toward self-discovery in the modern world.
The main arc of the series follows the story of a character named Lacey Walker, and ties in other stand-alone comics of the series. 

Ever since her mother left 10 years ago, Lacey has struggled with understanding why. Living an isolated life with her single father, she has always felt there was more to her family's past than he was letting on. After she decides to test her boundaries, she discovers a terrifying secret and is forced to brave a dangerous new world, and ultimately, the wilderness within herself. 
Genre: YA Fiction / Supernatural Drama

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The Wilds Within will be published on "" as well as on Webtoon-Canvas later in 2023.
Stand Alones
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